Nov 30 2009

The Adventure Begins

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Gray-Kamahele_windowThe adventure begins on Tuesday, October 19, 2009, with a night flight out of Kona with Don, Jan, 2 cats (Gray and Kamahele), and 2 parrots (Manu and Poco). At the airport, for security, we had to remove all pets from their cages so the cages could be screened. All went well until the last pet — Poco. She decided to jump out of her cage and onto the ground. Jan — barefoot, ready to go through screening — chased Poco through the philodendrons and then, on hands and knees, under the security tables. There were security personnel and travelers helping to catch the run-away parrot. Too bad Jan was too busy to videotape the entire event because it had to be funny enough for a YouTube video. poco-manuDon was finally able to catch Poco, walk with her through screening and then back into her cage. The rest of the trip, except for being 13+ hours, was uneventful. The two cats went into baggage and the two birds traveled in their kennels under the seats. Neither bird made a peep the entire trip. All arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan, safe and healthy, on Wednesday afternoon, October 20.