Mar 4 2010

Family Fun Fest at Mandarin Oaks Elementary School

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tracy, Courtney, Don, Jan, Brittany and Ashley attended Family Fun Fest at Mandarin Oaks Elementary School. They had lots of bounce rooms, inflated slides and fun things to do. It was only in the low 50s with rain, but we all had fun. 

Face Painting 2Courtney got her face painted. 

Ashley and Brittany joined in the hula hoop contest.

Hula Hoop Contest

Then Tracy and Ashley  joined in the parents and family sack race. Ashley came in first place and won a food certificate. 

Sack Race

Mar 4 2010

Girl Scout Thinking Day

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

One of the events we attended while in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area was Courtney's Daisy Troop 619 Thinking Day held outdoors on the lawn of Mandarin Methodist Church. All the scout troops in the council selected a country to highlight information about the country and about their Girl Scouts/Girl Guides. 

Iceland Display with flagTracy, Courtney's mom and troop leader, selected Iceland. Tracy has been to Iceland and had a photo album to display along with facts she found on the Internet, as well as a photo of a Girl Guide troop that was on the Internet. Tracy baked a Vineterte, which is a traditional Icelandic dessert. The filling is prunes, pureed into a jelly-like consistency. It was delicious. But the question comes to mind, what was the effect of prunes on 150 people?:) 23917_1365775869495_1384601201_30996336_2952657_n

All the troops did an excellent job on their displays. Some countries represented were Madagascar, Germany, France, Japan, Egypt, Venezuela, Haiti… Some of the troops dressed in native costumes and all had traditional food to sample. It was a great learning experience for the scouts and the grown-ups.