May 2 2010

The Ghost Mountain Boys

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This is my chance to brag a little. Don's dad, Carl Stenberg, was featured in a nonfiction book about his World War II experiences in New Guinea. It is so great that author James Campbell wrote this book. The heroes of this battle are nearly all gone, and the remaining few are in their late 80s/early 90s. To quote the author, The Ghost Mountain Boys is about "their epic march and terrifying battle for New Guinea — the forgotten war of the South Pacific." 

"Reminiscent of classics like Band of Brothers and The Things They Carried, this harrowing portrait of a largely overlooked campaign is part war diary, part extreme adventure tale, and (through letters, journals, and interviews) part biography of a group of men who fought to survive in an environment every bit as fierce as the enemy they faced." 

James Campbell is trying to work with various producers to produce a TV documentary based on the book. It would be wonderful to see that happen to honor those gone before and to honor the survivors: Carl Stenberg, Donald Stout, Stanley Jastrzembski and Russell Buys — the men of the Red Arrow Division. 

You can buy your very own copy of the book through 


May 1 2010

Back to Michigan

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Just a few days before Spring Break, on March 29, Don's parents were in a car crash — not their fault — but received some minor injuries. Don's dad had broken ribs and a broken collarbone. Don's mom's face was bruised and she had some hairline cracks in the bones under her eye. 

So, as soon as Spring Break was over and we had delivered Brittany and Courtney back to their mom and we had rested a couple of days back at Indian Forest Campground in St. Augustine, we left for Michigan.   

It took us four days to make the trip. We have a rule of driving from 9 am until 3 or 4 pm. We covered about 300 miles per day and stayed in campgrounds along the way. 

Sign_Pecan Point RVOur first stop was a Pecan Point RV Park in Dothan, Alabama. It is an RV park with some model homes. It was within a mile of a Flying J and a Wal-Mart. 

Our next night found us at Texas T in Tennessee. Sign_Texas T This campground was right at the on/off ramps for I-65. It had a stream running through it. There was a large grassy area for tents. And how could we not like this campground when it has a Maine Coon cat as the campground pet?! Campground Maine Coon Cat2 This was a great campground and we'd like to spend more time there. Here are some additional photos of this park: 

Sign_Woods N WatersOur next and final night on the road found us at Woods N Water Campground in Columbus, Indiana, near Indianapolis. This is another nice campground that we would like to spend more time visiting. It has a fishing lake, playground, pool, hiking trails, and it's open year-round. I am attaching more pix of this campground. 

On Saturday, April 17, we arrived in Donna's driveway. Michigan was still chilly, back to wearing winter coat. We had a few overnight temps of 28 degrees. It has finally warmed up and the trees are turning green and leafy. Tulips are in bloom. 

But on Monday, April 19, Gray Cat got out of the RV. Terrified, he ran off and, to date (5/1/10), has not returned. We haven't given up hope and have posted pictures and information about him around town. We feel he's hiding in plain sight and will return when he's comfortable with his surroundings. We think we have had a few sightings, but they are not confirmed. 

Don, trying to capture Gray, was scratched and bitten and had to go to urgent care for treatment. We found that cat saliva has something similar to Bubonic Plague which attacks the tendons. Don's culture was positive, but treatment was successful and he's on the mend. 

Don's parents are both on the mend, too. We're now shopping for a car for them. 

Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn't learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn't get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn't die; so, let us all be thankful.  ~Buddha

May 1 2010

RV Insurance

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We purchased all of our RV insurance through Good Sam Club. I am adding links for Good Sam Club membership, Good Sam VIP insurance, CSP, and ERS. We have been very happy with all the coverage and the service we receive. We used our CSP when our electric steps stopped working. So far, we have not used the emergency road service, but it gives us peace of mind. Nor have we used our VIP insurance and hope we never have to; but, again, it's peace of mind. Initiating the VIP insurance was easy and the staff were super friendly and helpful. 


Join the Good Sam Club - Click Here!

VIP Insurance from The Good Sam Club

Good Sam Extended Service Plan RV Warranty

Good Sam RV Emergency Road Service

May 1 2010

Spring Break 2010

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Here are photos of our Spring Break get-together in Florida. Donna, Chris, Carl and Luke came down from Michigan for the week. Courtney was with us and we went to Monument Lake National Park in the Everglades, and then up to Crystal Isles Resort Park at Crystal River. 

It's not often that all of us are together, so it was great having Easter together this year. 

We saw many many alligators along Alligator Alley and at Monument Lake.

We swam with the manatees in Crystal River. It was the first time Jan and Don had been in 72 degree water in over 20 years. We wore wetsuits, but it was still cold. And we both came down with a cold. Donna and Luke went on a diving adventure in Crystal River. 

The pool at Crystal Isles was quite warm, and the hot tub was delightful. The weather finally warmed up so that an ice cream treat was in order. The only downside were the no-see-ums which prevented a lot of outdoor activity. 

Crystal Isles RV Resort is near the Gulf. Luke and Courtney enjoyed a swim in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Here are pictures of our Spring Break trip. 

May 1 2010

Pacetti’s Marina and RV Park, St. Augustine, Florida

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Sign_Pacetti'sPacetti Marina and RV Park was our choice for a park to begin Spring Break. This park allowed tents on the same site as our RV at no extra charge. The marina/RV park is located on the Trout River, which flows into the St. John's River. We were there for a couple of days with Courtney before Donna, Chris, Carl and Luke arrived. 

We had a rental car and drove the short distance to Shand Pier on the St. John's River. It's a favorite place for locals to fish. Don-Courtney, Shand's Pier

Courtney left on Good Friday to go to her dad's house until Sunday afternoon. Donna and family arrived on Saturday and set up their tent. Tracy and Brittany came out Saturday to join in the egg coloring. Brittany-Carl-Luke coloring eggs

Tracy, Rick, Brittany and Ashley came out on Sunday for Easter dinner at the campground. Easter Dinner

Bear Cake2Tracy made Bear Bread and Brittany created Easter cupcakes. Cupcakes by Brittany

Jan got an Easter Egg cake at Publix. Easter Egg Cake by Publix

On Monday, we were off to Naples to drop Brittany off at her dad's and to cruise Alligator Alley and spend the night at Monument Lake National Park in the Everglades. 

Additional photos: