Aug 13 2012


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Why on Earth would anyone deactivate their Facebook account? Well, I have a myriad of reasons. Number one, I am addicted to Facebook and have to break the cycle. I spend every day playing games all day long and, when I'm not playing games, I'm reading posts. And then I have "liked" so many of the sidebar items, my entire wall is covered with ads. To find my friends' posts, I have to search through pages of ads and nonsense. So, I decided it's time to take a break. 

Facebook has had many changes since I joined several years ago. When I first joined, there weren't many people my age. Now, most of my high school classmates are on FB–and that's wonderful. But it has also changed to the point where my friends' posts don't appear. And there are so many inconsequential posts. 

I recently got an iPhone and that is probably the key factor in not wanting FB posts. I had notifications turned on so I could see what folks were up to. My phone beeps day and night. And, yes, I could turn off notifications; but, then, I would not see friends' activities. A catch-22. 

I left a message on my FB wall saying I was going to deactivate and that if anyone wants to follow our travels, to go to our blog site at the URL on the wall post. And, if anyone needs to reach us, to leave a message through this site or at our email address. 

I know several people that don't use Facebook and they seem to be surviving. I decided to see if I can survive without all the notifications. I will miss the friends' posts of their children and all the adventures. But I'm hoping those same friends will stay in touch the "old-fashioned" way. We can also receive unlimited texts. So, if you have our cell phone number, please feel free to text us. 

I may find I can't live without FB. Time will tell. It's an easy fix to reactivate. I'm sure there will be more to this saga. 

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