Dec 24 2009

On the Road – Alabama

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Alabama SignWe left Ferne Clyffe State Park in Goreville, Illinois, on Saturday morning, December 5. Our next overnight stop was at Love's Truck Plaza in Falkville, Alabama. We were the only RV parked among the 18-wheelers. Having lived by the freeway in Honolulu for seven years enabled us to sleep through the rumble and roar of 18-wheelers coming and going throughout the night. Nights were still chilly. We ran the refrigerator and furnace using our propane and the furnace fan through our house batteries. Everything worked great. Woke up to a hard frost. 

We stopped at the welcome center/rest area near Dothan, Alabama. While we were looking at travel brochures for Alabama, we heard a blood curdling scream. We were almost afraid to turn around to see what had happened. As it turns out, the welcome center's female greeter screamed when the Crimson Tide won the football game in a last minute touchdown. As it turned out, they were playing the Florida Gators, so we got to hear the "agony of defeat" on the other side. 


At the Alabama Welcome Center near Dothan
At the Alabama Welcome Center near Dothan

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