Jan 24 2010

Naples Motorcoach Resort

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We left Big Cypress for the 96-mile drive to Naples. We got onto I-75 at the end of the reservation road. That part of I-75 is called Alligator Alley and for good reason. We saw hundreds of alligators lazing in the sun behind the alligator fencing along the freeway. No pictures of these alligators though because we didn't think we should stop along the freeway for the photo ops. 

Naples is a very expensive city. Nearly all of the RV parks have been bought out and converted to RV resorts, ranging in price from $45 to $130 per night. We called one park and found it had recently been converted to a resort and the nightly rate was $45. However, Signature RV Resorts was the purchaser and they had just opened a brand new resort in the same area. The nightly rate was $79 for non-waterfront, but they had a promotion of stay one night and get the second night free. So we accepted the offer and stayed there two nights.

Our BounderIt's a Class A-only resort with a small man-made lake in the center of the property. Fountain_Lake

Other amenities include an owner's clubhouse, exercise room where aerobic classes are offered, and an infinity pool where, again, aerobic classes are offered. Infinity Pool

Our thoughts are that whoever designed the resort has never been behind the wheel of a big rig. There's a huge green gate at the security office that opens inward. It's not easy to maneuver the big rigs around the gate. The sites are either back-in or back-out, no pull-thrus. They do assign a guide to you on arrival. He escorts you in his golf cart to your site and helps with positioning your rig. The resort has trash pick-up curbside throughout the day. 

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