Feb 9 2010

Aruba RV Resort

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Aruba Resort SignNo, we didn't discover a bridge to Aruba. This Aruba RV Park is on the west side of  Lake Okeechobee at a wide spot on the road called Lakeport. We arrived at Aruba RV Resort on Sunday, January 17, 2010. It's a nice park with nice big sites. Nearly all of the people here are half-year residents and it's a nice little retiree community. The people are all nice and we feel most welcome. They have movie night, water aerobics, shuffleboard tournaments, bean bag tournaments, sightseeing trips, karaoke, and music nights. They have a rec hall, laundry, and a site set aside for picnics, chicken fry, etc. Nearly all the residents ride bicycles or 3-wheel bikes or golf carts. Aruba Residents' golf carts

There's a cafe/bar on property. The sign says "Cafe and Tiki Hut," but someone bought the rights to Tiki Hut, so it's been renamed Aruba Cafe, though everyone will always call it Tiki Hut. They have draft beers for $1.00 and can-beers for $1.25. (Can you tell we're still in shock at the difference in beer prices between Hawaii and here?) The Friday night special was all-you-can eat catfish dinner for $9.95. It was delicious and the serving size was more than either of us could eat. Tiki Hut Sign

Our Bounder - ArubaWe were parked on an "island," between two rows of homes. There are park model homes and others have RVs that they have converted into part-time residences. The Lakeport Canal runs along the property and waterfront residents have boat docks. Nearly everyone has a bass boat and some have airboats. View from rear of Bounder

Lakeport GroceryAcross the road from the park is Lakeport Grocery. We thought we'd check it out in case we needed anything. Everything in it was covered in thick dust. There was a packaged splatter screen hanging on the wall for sale that someone must have used for a bug swatter because there was a squashed roach on the package. They had a lot of used books for sale and not much else. We thought we'd buy a candy bar just because we didn't need anything else, but the store didn't have any candy bars or ice cream bars. Don bought a local paper for 50 cents and the clerk couldn't break a five dollar bill. 

Don on Florida Trail, LakeportWe walked up the highway to the Florida Trail, which is a trail on the dike dividing Lake Okeechobee and the canals. There we saw hawks and more alligators. The biggest alligator we've seen yet was sunning himself along the shore of the canal. One long gator

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