Feb 25 2010

Back to Indian Forest

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February 17 – March 3, 2010

Indian Forest Sign, January 2010For two weeks, we're back at Indian Forest Campground near St. Augustine. Time to meet up with Tracy and the girls and check our mail and work on taxes. 


We're two sites down from where we stayed in December. This is a nice end spot, so have lots of space. We're on the other side of Don, who has lived in this park for 9 years,  and his dog Tootie. Good Neighbor Don and Tootie, Feb 2010


The Live Oaks are in bloom now. We're still getting the occasional nighttime freeze, so I hope they survive this bout of cold weather. 

Live Oaks in bloom with Spanish Moss


Don and Jan fishingDon and Jan spent one afternoon fishing in the pond. Didn't catch anything, but it was a good opportunity to sit in the sun. 

View across pond


When we stayed at the park in December, Courtney found a collection of "pond" shells on the shore of the pond. Tracy said if the snails from these shells were moving on to find a larger home, then we might not want to hang around the pond. :D

While we were on our travels around Florida, Tracy helped Courtney paint a wood plaque to mount Courtney's "pond" shells. Nice job, Courtney. Courtney and her Pond Shells, Feb 2010

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