Feb 9 2010

Brighton Seminole Reservation Campground, Florida

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Brighton Seminole Reservation Campground signWe arrived at the Brighton Seminole Reservation Campground on January 31 and departed on February 7. This is still in the Lake Okeechobee area. We had no idea how out of communication we would be. There were no AT&T cell phone towers, so no cell phone service. We did have Internet that was sporadic through our AT&T Internet. I could usually get on every day long enough to check email messages for anything urgent. That was quite a week. No cell phone, no internet, no TV; more rainy days than sunny ones; more chilly days than warm. We called it Area 51 because our cell phone would go dead without being used. 

Our Bounder_Brighton Seminole Reservation CampgroundThe campground was all snowbirds. As usual, we were the only short-timers. However, many of the residences were unoccupied this year; not sure why. There was a Class A, from Illinois, parked next to us. They had been there a month and had been coming down every winter for the past 9 years. He had a bass boat and liked to fish, but he said the fishing wasn't as good as it once was. 

Trading Post / Gas StationBrighton Seminole Reservation Campground had a trading post (mini-mart) and a gas station on property. 

Canal to Lake OkeechobeeWe spent part of one day walking along the canal behind the campground. The trail materials must have been scooped up from somewhere because there were some very nice shells in the road. And we were a long way from the ocean. Shells we found on trail

Another day we decided to walk and find the casino that could have been anywhere between 2 to 11 miles away. We thought it was about 2.5, so decided it would be a nice walk. We walked about 2 miles and saw no sign of the casino, so decided we should turn back. We didn't want to be walking along the road after dark, since we had startled a couple of alligators along the way. On the way out of the park, we found we were only about 1/4 mile from the casino when we turned around. There was a nice ATV trail we could use for our walking trail, but it was soft Florida sugar sand to make the walk a little more difficult. 

There was a ditch filled with water behind our RV. Every night we had a cacophony of bull frogs (for you Big Island readers, that's like coqui frogs on steroids!). Water in ditch

And then on Saturday morning, the day before we left, we heard a yelping dog. We looked around in front of us and didn't see a dog in the campground. Then I looked out the door and there was a white puppy in the middle of the highway behind us. Because of the water in the ditch, we went out and tried to coax it to the driveway of the campground. The puppy eventually decided the easiest way was through the ditch. Then, dripping wet, it went under our RV and Don had to coax it out. We finally got her out and dried her with a towel and then wrapped her in a dry towel to stop her shaking. We took her inside and she and Kamahele got along fine. Gray didn't come out to see what was going on. She was a pit bull (probably a mix) and, in time, was going to be a big dog. She was covered with fleas and ticks, and we were wondering what to do with her. Pit bulls are not allowed in any of the RV parks and we didn't want to spread fleas or ticks inside the RV or to Gray and Kamahele. So we decided to go up to the store to see if anyone had reported a missing dog. We thought it was a long shot since we were sure she was a drop off, even though she appeared well-fed. But she was so timid. We couldn't get her to untuck her tail from between her legs. No one had reported her missing. The Seminole Tribe Police were at the gas station, so we asked them what we could do. Their first comment was to place flyers and then we could keep her. We explained we were leaving the next morning and we couldn't keep her. The police station has a kennel, so they took her to kennel her there. They felt certain she would have a home before she ever needed to leave the police station kennel. She was a cutie. We didn't get a picture of her though because, when we left the RV with her, we didn't really think we'd find a solution that soon. We're hoping she did find a home and feel fairly confident she did because she was still a cute puppy and so cuddly and so forlorn-looking. I still don't know how so many rescue animals end up at our door….

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