Feb 9 2010

Road Runner Travel Resort, Fort Pierce, Florida

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After being out of communication for a week, we decided to go somewhere with phone and internet coverage, not to mention TV. Don hasn't seen TV since Naples, almost a month ago. 

Road Runner Resort SignWe selected Road Runner Travel Resort near Fort Pierce, Florida. It's a nice snowbird park. But it seems more like camping, though no individual fire rings are allowed. They have a group fire ring near the camp store. The store is quite nice and has a wide variety of food, camping and RV supplies. This resort has a tennis court, a small golf course, a pool, and planned activities. There are permanent RVs, park models, and RVs that leave and come back another year. There are also a few like us, that are on the move and stop for a few days, a week, or a month. Golf Course

About 50% of the occupants of this park are from Quebec. From the number of French-Canadians we've talked to here, I hope the last one to leave Quebec turned out the lights. :D

Oh, and Kamahele says, "Dis is da life!" Kamahele1

Road Runner Resort Slideshow

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