Jul 28 2010

Back online

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Bounder in drivewayOops. It’s nearly August and I haven’t written anything since May. But I’m back and promise to submit entries on a regular basis.

We haven’t been letting any grass grow under our wheels. We seem to stay incredibly busy for two retired folks.

We spent Memorial Weekend with Donna, Chris, Carl and Luke (next entry). Then we returned to Donna’s driveway and went on various trips from there.

Tracy and girls arrive from Florida on August 1, as does Jan’s sister Judi. We, along with Judi, are taking a trip to Nova Scotia. Then we’ll have plenty to write about. Hopefully, we’ll have some good Internet connections.

View from front of RVSince we first arrived in Donna’s driveway in April, the trees have filled in with leaves. Donna’s driveway is much like a nature preserve. We’ve seen hawks, chipmunks, squirrels, turkeys, deer, and a mama duck with 11 ducklings.  Donna's yard

Carl - Boy Scout 1st ClassWe’ve attended more Scout meetings, where Carl received two badges. Carl - Badge

DSC00899We bought an Amish-made storage barn from Mast Mini Barns to hold all the stuffs we think we can’t part with.

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