May 31 2011

North to Alaska, Ludington to Manitowoc

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We left Donna's house in Fruitport about 2:00 in the afternoon on Memorial Day and arrived in Ludington about an hour later. We stayed at Vacation Station RV Resort in Ludington, near the S.S. Badger dock. We needed to be at the dock by 8:00 Tuesday morning, so wanted to stay in Ludington to be sure we would arrive on time. 01-Vacation Station Sign

02-S.S. BadgerOn Tuesday, at 9:00 A.M., we left Ludington, Michigan, on the S.S. Badger car ferry bound for Manitowoc, Wisconsin, arriving there at noon Wisconsin time. 

The trip was smooth. The temperatures were cold while in the middle of the Big Lake; but, upon arrival in Manitowoc, the temperatures were again warm. A storm was predicted to come across Lake Michigan to the Michigan shoreline. We thought we might meet it half-way across, but we never did see the storm. We had good driving weather in Wisconsin, except for the wind. Driving west, we had a southwind of about 25 miles per hour with gusts of over 40 miles per hour. 

Here are video and stills of the S.S. Badger. If both aren't visible, click on "Read More."

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