Aug 22 2012

To Toad or Not To Toad

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If you're not an RVer, you may not know about a toad (towed), sometimes called a dinghy, a tag-along. It's the car that follows along behind an RV like a good puppy. Sometimes they're on a dolly (two-wheel trailer) or are being towed 4-down (all four wheels on the ground), or are in an enclosed trailer or all four wheels on an open trailer. 

There are a lot of opinions about towing a car and how to go about it. We personally don't have a toad. We bought a motorhome because we don't like to tow anything. We've been traveling for three years and, so far, it's working. When we're traveling, it's easy for us to not have a car. We stop at grocery stores or Walmarts to replenish our cupboards and refrigerator. We find most campgrounds are within walking distance to stores. We stayed at Sunshine Key RV Resort and there was a shuttle to Key West. While at Fort Summit KOA in Davenport, Florida, they had a free shuttle to the amusement parks. 

The only time we miss having a tow vehicle is when we're visiting friends or family. If necessary, we'll rent a car from Enterprise because they pick us up. And we've found that Enterprise is nearly always close to a campground when we need them. 

There will probably be a time when it will become necessary for us to have an additional vehicle. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. 

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