May 2 2010

The Ghost Mountain Boys

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This is my chance to brag a little. Don's dad, Carl Stenberg, was featured in a nonfiction book about his World War II experiences in New Guinea. It is so great that author James Campbell wrote this book. The heroes of this battle are nearly all gone, and the remaining few are in their late 80s/early 90s. To quote the author, The Ghost Mountain Boys is about "their epic march and terrifying battle for New Guinea — the forgotten war of the South Pacific." 

"Reminiscent of classics like Band of Brothers and The Things They Carried, this harrowing portrait of a largely overlooked campaign is part war diary, part extreme adventure tale, and (through letters, journals, and interviews) part biography of a group of men who fought to survive in an environment every bit as fierce as the enemy they faced." 

James Campbell is trying to work with various producers to produce a TV documentary based on the book. It would be wonderful to see that happen to honor those gone before and to honor the survivors: Carl Stenberg, Donald Stout, Stanley Jastrzembski and Russell Buys — the men of the Red Arrow Division. 

You can buy your very own copy of the book through 


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